Premium, AI-powered wealth management & financial advice for your platform.
Unlock a new revenue stream
Engage and retain customers
Skip the regulatory overhead
Launch in less than a week
“Uprise’s AI technology is game-changing in enabling new communities to build wealth. And they’ve been able to match how fast we move, allowing us get a product out to customers in only a few weeks!”
- Mary Hernandez, COO & Co-Founder, Suma Wealth
The secret? Combining the magic of humans and AI
Automated to keep costs down. Human to be authentic and personalized.
For consumer and SMB fintechs
For banks + credit unions
For payroll + 401k providers
We’re the concierge for your customers’ financial life.
Personalized financial advice is a critical prong in the vision of a fully built out financial platform for your customers.
And we'll handle everything for you end to end in less than a week
We co-create the best possible experience for your customers
Whether that’s:
1. Our premium All-Access experience
2. A custom mix of topics
3. Answering customers’ ad-hoc questions
And get you live with near-zero effort on your end
1. SSO
2. Embedded onboarding and dashboard
3. Rebranded
4. All powered by Uprise
Powered by our expertise on a wide range of topics & life stages.
Goals and budgeting
  • Money allocation
  • Renting vs buying
  • Buying / owning a home
  • Kids' college
  • Tax-advantaged retirement accounts
  • Employer sponsored accounts (401k, HSA)
  • Non-employer retirement accounts (IRA, Solo 401k, HSA)
  • Investments
  • Investment portfolio allocation
  • Stock options
  • RSUs
  • ESPP
  • The foundations
  • Building credit
  • Paying down debt
  • Emergency savings
  • Managing money at every stage
  • Side income / self-employment
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Estate planning
  • Getting ready for retirement
  • Optimizing accounts
  • Bank accounts with the best interest rates
  • Credit cards with the best rewards
  • Backed by world-class fintech execs and founders from

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