An average $1.5M in net worth back in your pocket
We build financial plans that are:
Fully personalized
Reviewed by a (human) expert
100% free
Trusted and loved by our users
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In shows like Billions, really wealthy people have advisors following them around, helping them optimize every single decision - that's what this feels like. Elite guard rails and life hacks.
Ethan Product manager
I swear my jaw dropped every page I went to. I was truly amazed at how personalized the plan was, down to even using my zip code to estimate the cost of certain expenses. It was so incredibly detailed.
Grace Content writer
This service is great. Minimal effort, but I feel like the future just opened up for me. I have a clear idea of where my money needs to go and what it will be doing. I hope more people find and use Uprise!
Josh Software engineer
Uprise really helped me make some personal finance decisions involving my 401(k), investment accounts -- even credit cards. Not to mention that it was all free!
Erick Portfolio manager
Personal finance that's actually personal
We understand you - your goals, your interests, your work - to optimize your finances for your unique situation.
How to allocate your income
Make sense of where your money should be going to achieve your goals.
Minimize taxes before you file
Based on your unique profile, we can minimize your taxes well before filing season.
All the money hacks, personalized for you
How much to really save for retirement and how
Saving for big goals like grad school or a house
Allocation: debt vs investing vs retirement
Maximizing employer benefits to the fullest
Credit cards with the best rewards for *you*
And dozens more with a focus on your situation

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Tell us about yourself
Goals, what do you care about, where do you live, who do you work for? All these things matter when it comes to optimizing your unique situation.
We connect you to the best options for you
We route you to all the best financial options out there (credit cards, high yield savings accounts, loans, benefits) and tell you how to take full advantage of them - and, yes, there's actually a human looking at your situation.
Stay on track
We'll continuously monitor your finances for optimization opportunities, and adjust with you as your life changes.

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