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Personalized financial advice used to be reserved only for the super wealthy. We're on a mission to change that.
How it all began
Growing up, Jess was lucky to have a mom who worked at the FDIC, someone she could turn to whenever she had any question about personal finances. Hoping to pay it forward, Jess also went on to work in finance at companies like Robinhood, Wise, and Earnin. And she realized that while fintech has made a ton of progress, there's still nothing out there that could quite beat her mom: someone who takes the time to understand, and who cuts through all the noise and gives spot-on answers and advice at the exact right time.

Chris was raised by a single mother, and making sure the family could “make it” was always top of mind for him. He got a masters in finance from Oxford, worked for a hedge fund, and was the second employee at Justworks, the multi-billion dollar payroll company. There, he saw people leaving tons of free money on the table because employer benefits are unnecessarily complex.

They teamed up to help people find every cent and, ultimately, to give people the thing that matters most: peace of mind.