Know exactly what to do with your stock options.
Whether to early exercise, how much to exercise, WTH an 83(b) is and more. We help you navigate it all.
All of your questions answered by actual money experts.
Spot-on answers backed by data in less time than parsing through the internet. And no, we don’t think your friends/Reddit are a good alternative to the Google either.
When and how much to exercise, and the tax implications.
Should you early exercise? How much will it really cost you?

We’ll tell you exactly how to evaluate and manage your options so you can be confident you’re keeping as much of your money as possible.
What to do when your company IPOs or gets acquired.
Your company has a successful exit 🚀🚀🚀

We’ll help you figure out when to sell, how much and what to do with your hard-earned money.
We’ll revise together until you’re confident in your action plan.
How Uprise works
Fully personalized
Everything we do starts with understanding you first so that our recommendations actually resonate.
Powered by human experts + tech
Think of us like a doctor backed by a massive database of all the symptoms and cures, but for your money.
We’ll keep going till it’s right
Ask us questions or hit us with your concerns. We’ll adjust your plan together until it’s perfect for your unique situation.
From the people who built
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One-time, one topic
One-time check-in & plan about:
  • Money allocation
  • Retirement
  • Company equity
  • Portfolio advice
Human advisor crafting your plan
We’ll revise till it’s perfect for you
/ month billed annually
Access to all topics
Annual plan + regular check-ins
Human advisor crafting your plan
We’ll revise till it’s perfect for you
Message your advisor all year
All for just $289/year
Without Uprise
For traditional financial planning from companies like Personal Capital, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch.
or endless DIY-ing
But TBH, the internet doesn’t get you like we do.
Uprise money back guarantee.
Try us risk-free! If you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll refund your money.
Built for people who aren’t millionaires (yet 😉)
We combine our team of Certified Financial Planners with our advanced database of financial rules and products to keep prices accessible to all.
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